"Praxis Services is a business process management company "

that offers operational excellence with deep domain expertise in hospitality and travel management.

About Praxis


Praxis Services is a business process management company that offers operational excellence with deep domain expertise in hospitality and travel management. The company delivers comprehensive business solutions where services are delivered from a global delivery network that includes hotel reservations, revenue management, research and analytics, technology solutions, loyalty programs, human resources pay roll and finance & accounting.

Praxis operated and managed world class contact centre is built on robust and most sophisticated technology platforms. Technology’s ever increasing relevance in the highly competitive market place gives our hotel partners the opportunity to embrace it and reach new levels of performance.

The work force: Multi-cultural, multi-lingual, ‘virtual’ talent pool. Domain expertise and deep specialization will enable offering the following set of services in a 24 x 7 work environment.

Basic voice and E mail transactions

  • Specialized voice
  • Basic data
  • Rules based decision making
  • Research and analytics
  • Knowledge services

Global best practices have been established to reduce costs, improve efficiency, boost client satisfaction and contribute significantly to the bottom line.

Praxis Services


Multi- Channel Contact Centre | Analytics & Business Intelligence | Comprehensive back office support

Praxis services understands your business and combines technology, services and its deep domain knowledge to provide you with the perfect revenue optimization solution.
Whether it is your direct guests or travel partners, Praxis works on your past data trends to continuously improve conversions. Efficiency, speed and reliability are guaranteed thanks to our passion to attain targets and exceed expectations in every guest engagement.

Praxis’ deep understanding of the requirements of Destination Management Companies, Foreign Tour Operators and corporate travel partners gives its clients an instant advantage of process expectations and efficiencies. This Praxis advantage serves as a great competitive edge not offered by any other business process outsourcing entity in the country.
Call a Praxis Representative to discuss tailor made solutions for your Hotel or Travel Company’s

  • Reservations: Voice, E Mail and Data services
  • Revenue Management
  • Loyalty Program & CRM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Back Office Support
  • Research and analytics
  • RFP Management (Rate build and data build support )
  • Database cleansing and guest profile management
  • Finance & Accounting back end solutions
  • Payroll and related services

Reservations: Voice, E Mail and Data services

To provide a world class contact centre operations for hotels and travel companies. Praxis deploys best in class business practices that is built on robust and most sophisticated technology platforms.

Amongst all mediums of reservation, talking to a well-informed reservation agent continues to provide the highest guest satisfaction; other mediums are efficient but impersonal. Given the savvy traveler’s preference to make his own choices for hotel stay and travel, call to a reservation office often serves as a reassurance to his choice of purchase.


Praxis Assurance

Sales driven interactions from the well trained Praxis team will ensure:

  • Higher conversion (Voice & E Mail transactions): ability and control to convert shopping to purchase
  • Be aware of competition  and manage situations that involve rampant shopping and overwhelming amount of information online
  • Over deliver on service from the first inquiry, sell value over price
  • Sell to emotion versus intellect : allure and entice versus inform and notify
  • Optimize incremental revenue opportunities (room up selling, hotel’s dining experience, spa appointments etc.)


Performance Evaluation

A strong process measurement system platform to measure both the Service level agreements (SLAs) and process measures has been deployed to ensure effective and accurate reporting.  Delivery to our clients is based on the Business Process Management System (BPMS) and is administered organization-wide across both core and enabling processes. Significant investment is continually made in training key personnel in the organization. Praxis will generate a range of management reports that include:

  • Monthly Balanced Scorecard – Trends on Customer Satisfaction and productivity
  • Operations Report – reports on operational metrics and SLA adherence
  • Training Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Quality Assurance Reports

In addition to the above, we also provide clients with real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities, combined with rigorous feedback sessions to ensure adherence to SLAs.


Market Intelligence

The contact centre will become the source of outstanding market intelligence for hotel partners.

The sophisticated operational processes ensure information related to the guest and the source of business is collected at the transaction level. This provides distinct competitive edge and is a source of information to hotel’s Sales & Marketing for clients changing purchase behavior and demographics.


Revenue Management and Research & Analytics

A multi-tiered approach by Praxis Revenue Managers to initially review and benchmarking current revenue management processes, followed by an assessment of infrastructure and organizational readiness to optimize yield performance. The ultimate objective is to develop the existing capability into a well-oiled, efficient and sophisticated capability that optimizes the revenue opportunities that the brand and individual properties generate.

Rev PAR improvement is the final measurement of success.


Loyalty Program & CRM

Praxis provides a unique, comprehensive, well managed, and strategically aligned Loyalty Program Management that help in achieving not just higher revenue as well as strategic targets.

If you have a Loyalty program, we will work with your Marketing department to add vigor to your existing Loyalty Programs. Continuous engagement with the clients and constant reiteration of the program and its benefits will ensure greater visibility to your programs.

Praxis’ experience of managing the operations of Loyalty Programs will:

Enable companies to be equipped with a sound program to manage customer relationships and optimize customer loyalty and profits

  • 24/7 support by providing services that are designed to access all disparate data sources and round the clock back office support
  • Easy accessibility to highly trained resource pool of professionals

Social Media: Monitoring client feedback and response management

Social media is influencing purchase decisions and travel planning.  The growing influence of ‘social chatter’ makes it compelling for organization’s response management to be speedy, efficient and professional.

Praxis’ deploys state of the art technology; it’s pro-active and trained manpower scan both traditional and new age media to monitor conversations that may adversely affect brand and its positioning.

The tool adds significant substance to CRM efforts by identifying customer preferences early on. In addition, the technology allows tracking similar posts around key competitors, industry trends and other external influencers.

Praxis will enable the following:

  • Monitor various social channels media (Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor etc.)
  • Monitor blogs and tweets both for positive and negative comments and conversations.

Praxis engages in high quality response management for its clients. The team maintains highest service levels in responding to the customer. It apprises clients on periodic and repeated feedback and maintains vigil on competitor’s response management, practices and customer feedback.


Back office support

Praxis is ideally positioned to drive real end to end business impact. From the start of customer value cycle i.e. reservation, rate parity across channels and revenue optimization capability to robust back end solutions i.e. profile management of corporate, travel partner and guests, RFP management, commission processing and improved Finance & Accounting processes.

The Praxis Team

Hospitality and travel professionals responsible for laying the foundation and management of the region’s most admired contact centre solution for a Luxury Hotel company have joined hands together to create Praxis Services. The team is led by Ravish Swarup, the Founder CEO

About Ravish Swarup
Ravish worked for The Oberoi Group for 22 years.
Besides an in depth experience in hotel operations, Ravish was the pioneer in bringing global benchmarks in Revenue Management and E Marketing to India. He founded and created Oberoi Contact Centre for The Oberoi Group. The centre besides being a global reservation centre is also the hub of cluster revenue management operations, central repository of CRM, itinerary and vacations planning and operations & management of loyalty programs. The unique business model is recognized by hotel companies as one of the best run operation. The Contact Centre’s outstanding service delivery has received ‘World’s best’ recognition in Years 2008, 2009, 2010 from Leading Quality Assurance (LQA) in the quality assurance benchmarking analysis done for luxury hotel companies.

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