Analytics & Market Intelligence

Your Praxis-managed Contact Centre can become the source of outstanding market intelligence for your hotel business. Praxi's sophisticated operational processes ensure information related to guests and the source of business, is collected at the transaction level. This provides you with distinct competitive edge and is a source of valuable information to your hotel's Sales & Marketing teams. They can use it to understand customers' demographics, buy triggers and purchase behavior changes.

Revenue Management and Research & Analytics

A multi-tiered approach by Praxis Revenue Managers to initially review and benchmarking current revenue management processes, followed by an assessment of infrastructure and organizational readiness to optimize yield performance. The ultimate objective is to develop the existing capability into a well-oiled, efficient and sophisticated capability that optimizes the revenue opportunities that the brand and individual properties generate.

RevPAR improvement is the final measurement of success.
~ Ravish Swarup
Loyalty Program & CRM

Praxis provides a unique, comprehensive, well managed, and strategically aligned Loyalty Program Management that help in achieving not just higher revenue as well as strategic targets. If you have a Loyalty program, we will work with your Marketing department to add vigor to your existing Loyalty Programs. Continuous engagement with the clients and constant reiteration of the program and its benefits will ensure greater visibility to your programs.

Praxis’ experience of managing the operations of Loyalty Programs will enable companies to be equipped with a sound program to manage customer relationships and optimize customer loyalty and profits.

  • 24/7 support by providing services that are designed to access all disparate data sources and round the clock back office support
  • Easy accessibility to highly trained resource pool of professionals

Social Media: Monitoring client feedback and response management

Social media is influencing purchase decisions and travel planning. The growing influence of ‘social chatter’ makes it compelling for organization’s response management to be speedy, efficient and professional. Praxis’ deploys state of the art technology; it’s pro-active and trained manpower scan both traditional and new age media to monitor conversations that may adversely affect brand and its positioning.

The tool adds significant substance to CRM efforts by identifying customer preferences early on. In addition, the technology allows tracking similar posts around key competitors, industry trends and other external influencers.

Praxis will enable the following:

  • Monitor various social channels media (Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor etc.,)
  • Monitor blogs and tweets both for positive and negative comments and conversations.

Praxis engages in high quality response management for its clients. The team maintains highest service levels in responding to the customer. It apprises clients on periodic and repeated feedback and maintains vigil on competitor’s response management, practices and customer feedback.