Multi-Channel Contact Centers

Hotel Reservations: Voice, E Mail and Data services

Praxis designs and deploys best-in-class business practices built on robust and contemporary technology platforms to build and operate world-class Guest Contact Centers for hotels and travel companies.

Speaking with a well-informed reservations agent continues to provide the highest guest satisfaction. This channel is superior to all other mediums, because it is personal, branded and efficient. In our world of rapidly advancing and expanding channels, call to a reservation office often serves as a reassurance to travelers with respect to their purchase decisions.

Praxis Assurance
Sales driven interactions from the well trained Praxis team will ensure:
  • Higher conversion (Voice & E Mail transactions): ability and control to convert shopping to purchase
  • Be aware of competition and manage situations that involve rampant shopping and overwhelming amount of information online
  • Over deliver on service from the first inquiry, sell value over price
  • Sell to emotion versus intellect : allure and entice versus inform and notify
  • Optimize incremental revenue opportunities (room up selling, hotel’s dining experience, spa appointments etc.)
Performance Evaluation
A strong process measurement system platform to measure both the Service level agreements (SLAs) and process measures has been deployed to ensure effective and accurate reporting. Delivery to our clients is based on the Business Process Management System (BPMS) and is administered organization-wide across both core and enabling processes. Significant investment is continually made in training key personnel in the organization.

Praxis will generate a range of management reports that include:

  • Monthly Balanced Scorecard – Trends on Customer Satisfaction and productivity
  • Operations Report – reports on operational metrics and SLA adherence
  • Training Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Quality Assurance Reports
In addition to the above, we also provide clients with real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities, combined with rigorous feedback sessions to ensure adherence to SLAs.